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Prayer For Bride Art Print

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Artist : Sharon Binder Sharon Binder

Price : US$ 45

Code : 2060-0309

It is a tradition to say a prayer for brides before the actual Chupah. There are some variations to this prayer. Sharon Binder chose one That reminds us that G-d created man and woman in the image of G-d, promising them to multiply and wishing the bride that her marriage will be blessed in this Sha'at Ratzon, Hour of Will. The blessing for the bride was decorated by Sharon Binder with flowers in the style of a Ketubah. The text of the blessing is framed with flowers that integrate the words from Jeremiah 7; 34 that are recited under the Chuppah. The voice of mirth and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride. This art print is a lovely gift for the bride to be, that will decorate her home in the years to come. Size of the beautifuly illustrated Prayer For the Bride Art Print: 12x12''.

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