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Wedding Kiss Art Print

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Artist : Malka Tsentsiper Malka Tsentsiper

Price : US$ 129

Code : 7039-9004

Malka Tsentsiper drew a fantastic picture depicting the bride and groom kissing each other while sitting at the table lost for the world during the wedding reception while the Klezmer plays in the background and the guests enjoy and gossip. The wedding painting is drawn with vibrant colors in the typical style of the artist. This wedding-kiss art print will certainly make everyone feel the intensity of the special moment. The high Quality digital canvas art print of the wedding-kiss by Malka is stretched on an invisible frame in a way that allows you to hang it as it is or incorporate it into the frame of your choice. The painting is full of color and movement that brings forth a storm of the couple's feelings. Size of this magnificent wedding-Kiss painting is 12x16'' and is available in other sizes too upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for different measurements. Please note that as the wedding-kiss art print is a delicate piece we advise you to choose the Ems shipment for it. We can-not take responsibility for shipping by air mail.

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