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Half Shekel Earrings

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Artist : Danon danon israel

Price : US$ 29

Code : 1070-2554-G23

This set of Half Shekel drop earrings have an interesting story behind them. In the time of the holy Temple in Jerusalem every Jewish male had to bring an annual toll of half a shekel to the Temple. One half shekel coin was discovered during the sifting of archaeological rubble from the Temple Mount and the artists of Danon created a lovely replica of it and integrated it into a fabulous piece of Jewelry. The replica coin has an antique silver plated finish while the frame is beautifully gold plated creating a subtle look that will look great with almost anything you'd wear. The artists of Danon designed a matching Half Shekel Necklace that will complete the stunning look.

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Israeli Earrings
Jewelry replica

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