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Peacock Home Blessing

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Artist : Elisheva Galperin
Price : US$ 110

Code : 7058-0010

This outstanding Peacock Home Blessing Art Print by Elisheva Galperin is a replica of her watercolor painting. The water color is Elisheva is inspired by the traditional tiles used in luxurious homes in Jerusalem. Grapes and figs, two of the seven species of the land of Israel, are integrated into the beautiful design symbolizing plentitude and fertility. The peacocks painted in the corner stand for beauty and peace as one can see in Persian art works. The Hebrew text of the home blessing integrates the priestly blessing, Birkat Cohanim and the beautiful calligraphy was done by a Sofer Stam, the Jewish scribe who is allowed to transcribe sacred scripts. This Peacock Home Blessing is a great gift for a newly-wed couple or people entering a new home. The beautiful Peacock Home Blessing art piece is printed using the Giclee process on acid free paper and measures 7.5x7.5''.

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