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Birds Chanukah Menorah

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Artist : David Gerstein Dudu Gerstein

Price : US$ 239

Code : 7035-8001

Enjoy lighting the candles and the festive moments of Chanukah with this gorgeous and artistic birds Chanukah menorah. The Flock Together Chanukah Menorah by Dudu Gerstein is a colorful work of art that will decorate your home the whole year long. Flocks of birds have always fascinated David and this beautiful Chanukah Menorah is his tribute to nature and its beauty. The Flock Together Chanukah Menorah is made of Laser cut steel it is free standing and is silk screen printed from both sides. Size of the magnificent birds Chanukah Menorah; 17x12x5''.

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Chanukah Menorahs
Judaic Art Gallery

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