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Ceramic Seder Plate

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Artist : Michal Ben Yosef Michal Ben Yosef

Price : US$ 128

Code : 2360-0107

The outstanding round ceramic Seder plate by Israeli artist Michal Ben Yosef will add a contemporary touch to the traditional Passover ceremony of the Seder night. Six matching hand crafted ceramic dishes for the Seder ingredients are included. The names and arrangement of each ingredient is printed in black and gold in the center of the lovely Passover plate. Michal Ben Yosef, a known Israeli Judaic artist, prepared other ritual objects for your Seder; Elijah cup, Miriam cup, washing cup, and Matzah plate that you can see by clicking the link below.

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Matzah & Seder Plates
Wedding Gifts

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see Matzah plate

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