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Silver Eastern Candy Bowl

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Artist : Talila Abraham Talila Abraham

Price : US$ 129

Code : 7033-1032-SI

This Eastern Candy lacy bowl by Talila Abraham is made of brushed Steel. Talila Abraham, an Israeli born artist was inspired by the world of lace fabrics and embroidery and used a combination of advanced metal technologies with hand crafting to create this gorgeous decorative tableware. Here a hand crafted piece of 19th Century Romanian lace pattern was picked by Talila for her exquisite piece of metal art giving it a royal touch. The lacy bowl will look great on a coffee or dining -table, mantelpiece or side board, and will reflect the color of whatever will be placed in it. Size of the Eastern Candy lacy bowl by Talila Abraham: 9x3x9''.

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Metal art
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