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Al Hanisim Chanukah Lamp

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Artist : Dorit Klein Judaica Dorit Judaica

Price : US$ 96

Code : 2900-6443-3

Enjoy lighting your Chanukah lights with this contemporary Menorah by Dorit Klein. The menorah can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf or table. The Chanukah lamp has inserts for oil and can also be used with ready made oil Vials. The Chanukah Menorah is made of laser cut aluminum with small dainty Swarovski crystals on it. The colorful back has the words of the blessing: Al hanisim ve al haniflaot; for the miracles, and for the wonders…depicted. This Menorah by Dorit Klein is a beautiful work of Judaic art that will surely become a collectors item.

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Chanukah Menorahs
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