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Chassidic Gragger

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Artist : Avner Agayof Avner Agayof

Price : US$ 259

Code : 1050-2004

Avner Agayof designed this Gragger in Masquerade. The Chassidic Gragger will add to you Purim spirit and festivity. Each time you'll spin this Chassidic Gragger while reading the Megilah it will bring a smile to your face. The anodized aluminum Gragger by Israeli artist Avner Agayof will also make a beautiful addition to your Judaic collection. The Gragger comes with a Lucite stand for easy display. Size of the Chassidic Gragger by Avner Agayof: 7.5x7.5''.

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Purim Gifts
Bar Mitzvah Gifts

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