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Dainty Mezuzah Case

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Artist : Iris Zonenfeld gamla studio

Price : US$ 39

Code : 2170-0002-W

Everyone will love to get this lovely white ceramic Mezuzah case with hand painting depicting the seven species of Eretz Yisrael by Iris Zonnenfeld to decorate their entrance. The artistic dainty white Mezuzah will give a special Israeli note to any doorway. The combination of white and natural clay is highlighted by the vertical seven species that surrounds the letter Shin. The letter Shin is the first letter of the name Shaddai that it is an acronym for Shomer Daltot Yisrael that stands for The Guardian of the doors of Israel. The outside measurement of the white seven species Mezuzah is 7''. The white artistic Mezuzah from Israel is available also in 5.5'' upon request.

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Wedding Gifts

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