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Kindergarten Miniature

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Artist : Nava Steinmetz
Price : US$ 142

Code : 1035-8002

Kindergarten and preschool teachers will be thrilled to receive this beautiful miniature gift from their student's parents. Working hand in hand in the education of the youngest you as a parent learn to know their teachers' more personal aspects. Nava Steinmetz designed the miniature showing the a corner at the nursery school with toys and playthings that the children love, Paintings by the kids are hung on the wall and everything radiates optimism, love, and care. The walls are painted white and the floor looks like light wood parquet. The beautiful kindergarten room miniature by Nava Steinmetz is 5.5 X 7.5 inches it is framed with brown wood and glass, signed by the artist and numbered. As every teacher has a different personality the beautiful kindergarten class miniature can be personalized by Nava with the teacher's picture on the wall, a thank you note, a special poster on the wall or whatever personal features that you think of – flower pots, pet, a family picture, or any other Idea. Please contact us with your request and we will let you know what Nava can do about it and advise you about the extra cost this personalizing involves.

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