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Ring Saver Pendant

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Artist : Sarah Feld
Price : US$ 59

Code : 2229-0002

This heart shaped ring-saver is a fantastic idea that will assist at the hand washing and is thus a great gift Idea for any woman! The beautiful Israel in my Heart Ring Saver is in the form of a heart with a map of the Land of Israel lovingly set inside it, and a crystal to signify the united and eternal capital, Jerusalem. When you see the Heart RingSaver You'll say why I didn't think about it before! Don’t lose – or misplace – another ring! When you need to remove your rings temporarily to wash your hands, cook, bake, do crafts projects, or for any other reason, slip them onto the beautiful Heart RingSaver necklace from Israel. The sterling silver Israel in my heart RingSaver Pendant by Sara Feld comes with a silver chain and will make a great useful gift.

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Israeli Necklaces

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