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The Tree of Life Ketubah

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Artist : Ardyn Halter Ardyn Halter

Price : US$ 190

Code : 7040-0111

Flanking the text of this treasured The Tree of Life Ketuba by Ardyn Halter are flowering vines with birds. The surrounding illumination is of abundance and the quiet warmth of country colors and the land. At the top of the beautiful Ketuba is an arch with an orange tree in fruit, flanked each by two love doves and beyond this is an undulating landscape with cerulean blue skies. The arch and view gives you the impression that the beautiful Tree of Life Ketubah is in someway the home from which one can look out. Framing the Ketubah is an excerpt from Shir Hashirim, Song of Solomon, chapter 2 speaking about a new area that begins. The quotation from Yehuda HaLevy below speaks about the Home of Love which is the baseline of the entire The Tree of Life Ketubah. The Tree of Life Ketubah by Ardyn Halter was hand-printed in eighteen colors on acid free paper and measures 25x20''. Ardyn Halter can prepare the The Tree of Life Ketubah with the different Ketubah texts: Orthodox Aramaic, Orthodox Israel Sephardi, Orthodox RCA + English, Orthodox UK USB, Ultra Orthodox, Conservative with Lieberman clause, Reform Hebrew + English, Interfaith, Blank, UPLS. You are advised to discuss your Ketubah text with your Rabbi and please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning your Ketubah.

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