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Prayer for Providence

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Artist : Marci Wiesel Marci Wiesel

Price : US$ 98

Code : 1040-0790-B

Every day, sometimes subconscious we pray for providence and good livelihood. We wish to for ourselves to be able to provide for our families, to assist worthy causes, and to build sturdy foundations for the future. Marci Wiesel took this prayer and illustrated it in a most exquisite way. The Prayer implores God to provide a livelihood for one's self, his family, and all of G-d's people. It is said that prosperity should rain down from heaven just as the Manna did in the desert. Marci Wiesel designed the papercut like an enlarged pomegranate, one of the seven species of Eretz Yisrael that symbolize opulence, prosperity and virtue. The exquisite and meaningful Papercut is beautifully under laid with hand dyed silk. The text in this papercut is bilingual. If you like we have the same blessing in Hebrew. Unless you specifically so request we will send you the bilingual blessing for prosperity. The meaningful prayer for livelihood comes with a slate blue border mat and measures 11x14'' that is suitable for standard size American frames.Please note that as the art print is a delicate piece we advise you to choose the EMS shipment for it. We can-not take responsibility for shipping by air mail.

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