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Teacher‘s Plaque

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Artist : Dorit Klein Decorative Art Dorit Klein Decorative Art

Price : US$ 45

Code : 2900-6033-T

This Hebrew teacher‘s plaque is an appropriate gift for whenever you'd like to show your appreciation to a teacher. For a Teacher you appreciate or a Rabbi that taught you many important things, or parents and grandparents that invested a lot of effort to get you where you are now. The Hebrew Inscription say: He who thinks of next year will tend his plants. He who thinks of years to come will grow trees. The one who cares about the coming generations educates! Dorit Klein was so impressed by this credo of HaRav Kook that she integrated it into a beautiful illustration depicts a tree with pomegranates and is inserted into a three-part metal frame decorated with laser-cut doves. The magnificent gift for teachers and people in the education profession measures 7.5x8''.

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