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Dvora Black Artist Dvora Black, now a very creative Israeli artist, was born in Zimbabwe. Dvora studied Art and Music at Rhodes University in South Africa from where she graduated with a Fine Art degree and education diplomas in Music, Art and English and taught in schools in South Africa. Since childhood Dvora Black was attracted to Israel and fascinated by Judaic texts. It is no wondering that when and after her marriage Dvora Black made Aliyah to Israel and looked for an outlet for her creative abilities. An Eshet Chayil as she was she began to establish her studio specializing in illuminated and illustrated Judaica. Now Israeli artist Dvora Black draws her inspiration from the beautiful flowers and variety in the Israeli landscape, together with the richness found in a Jewish home and family. The Judaica Art Studio of Dvora Black brings together a magnificent collection of illuminated Jewish Art inspired by Biblical texts and Israeli landscapes. The huge variety of original handcrafted designs makes great gifts for all Jewish life-cycle events and the Jewish Holidays. Dvora Judaic art includes all kinds of painting techniques and depicts her optimistic view on life in Israel. In her collection you will find blessings appropriate for almost any Judaic lifecycle event; from birth to Bar- and Bat Mitzvah to weddings and anniversary, and include beautiful illustrated home blessings. For some of her exquisite Judaic art works Dvora black uses dried and pressed flowers that are integrated into a beautiful combination. Dvora Black Judaic Art Studio brings together a unique collection of Illuminated Jewish art inspired by Biblical texts and Israeli landscapes. Dvora black designs also Ketubot that stand out in their design and show her typical style. The Judaic art prints of Dvora Black's original handcrafted designs make fantastic gifts for all occasions.

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