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Noga Galden's products

noga galden Noga Galden started her Israeli art studio in Kibbutz Ein Harod in the Yizrael valley where unique, hand made, and very colorful objects are made. A many artists Noga Galden feels that there are so many industrialized wares and that she needs to cater to the more individual customer when every piece she designs will be finished slightly different. The local artists, who work and create in her studio, draw their inspiration from the environment and the materials that can be found in it. Not using any molds or templates, each item is a one-time-only work by the artist, who chooses the color and the overall look especially for each product. Striving to create original and authentic Israeli art they combine reality and nature, past and present with Judaic motifs. In her Studio Noga Galden takes advantage of her knowledge in many different art techniques that she masters. Noga added Judaic stained glass objects like Shabbat candleholders and Chanukah Menorahs to her huge collection of beautiful Israeli products. Noga Galden‘s handmade craft works are dainty and loveable and have this special Israeli feeling attached to them.

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