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Zeesi Zeesi Paltrowitz who everyone nows as Zeesi received extensive classical fine arts training from the Silvermine College of Art, the Art-Student's League and received her degree in textile design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. In New York City Zeesi designed woven as well as printed textiles for fashion, home furnishing firms as well as textile covered gift accessories with coordinated cards and gift wraps. Zeesi made Aliyah in 1992 and settled in the Jerusalem where she lives and paints. Zeesi has created an exquisite collection of Judaica paintings. These paintings include Jewish blessings as well as Ketubot and are offered as fine art prints. Amidst the magnificent biblical hills dotted with olive trees Zeesi draws her inspiration from the colors and textures of Israel, as well as from textiles: floral, classical patterns and Jewish themes. In the collection of the fine art prints illuminations by Zeesi from Jerusalem you'll find: Woman of valor art print, Aitz Chaim – Tree of Life Giclee print, Compassion-upon-Israel, Ani Ledodi print, Zeesi House Blessing, Zeesi ketubah, Tree of Life Ketubah, Beloved-fields Ketubah and many more all inspired by the colors and textures of the land of Israel. The artistic prints by Zeesi are great gifts and the Ketobot designed by Zeesi are the best way to commemorate the great event. Find Zeesi art and Zeesi art prints and Ketubot at Gans your source for Zeesi's Judaic artwork.

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