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Nurit Lev's products

Nurit Lev Nurit Lev was born in Haifa where she grew up and graduated in architecture from Teknion. Since early childhood Nurit Lev was surrounded by a group consisting of parents and their friends that where highly interested in aesthetics. While working as an architect in the stunning hilly area of the Carmel Mountain she began to develop her art skills and career in the field of art. The designs of Nurit Lev for the day to day and ritual objects are influenced and inspired from the immediate surroundings. In her parent's home Nurit Lev got acquainted with German culture and fell in love in the Bavarian folk art also called Bauernmalerei giving it her own interpretation. The Israeli wild flowers in the field close to her house, the cats that wonder in the streets and of course the hills and the sea around Haifa give her inspiration for her decorative art work. Artist Nurit Lev uses in her work various materials, readymade old furniture and items giving them new life and other times original pieces by her own design. Each piece is unique, hand painted and signed. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR NURIT LEV HAND PAINTED JUDAICA AND MORE.

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