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Shraga Landesman

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Shraga Landesman's products

Shraga Landesman Israeli Judaica artist Shraga Landesman was Born in Israel and studied painting and sculpture in Oranim College of Art and in Tel-Hai College. Since his first exhibition 1993 Shraga landsman became well known and Shraga Landesman's Judaic work is displayed in several Museums in Israel and world wide. Shraga Landesman was influenced by Biblical sources and the ancient cultures that lived in the region of Israel and Canaan: he started a Judaic artifact line that ranges from Chanukah lamps that could have come from excavations to streamlined candle holders and Havdalah sets with such motives as the pomegranate of the seven species, exquisite Seder Plates and many more. Shraga Landesman started using modern, state of the art, processes to manufacture his contemporary Judaica objects and started a whole line of Judaic art made of laser cut anodized aluminum. Loving nature Shraga Landesman started to photograph as a hobby and has a huge collection of bird pictures that he hopes to be able to integrate into his future work of art. In our Shraga Landesman section at Gans online you'll find a large selection of Shraga Landesman Judaic art works from originally designed Judaic object for Rosh Hashanah to Hanukkah menorahs, mezuzah cases, and Seder and Matzah plates. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR SHRAGA LANDESMAN JUDAIC ART.

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