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Michal Ben Yosef

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Michal Ben Yosef's products

Michal Ben Yosef When coming to Israel it is a delight to see the influence of the land and people on the ceramic design. One of Israel‘s leading ceramic artist Michal Ben Yosef is a great example of making contemporary Israeli ceramic objects using an ancient tradition to produce stunning contemporary Judaic artifacts and everyday items. For more than twenty Years Michal Ben Yosef has designed and created in Israel, focusing on Judaic ceramic and items for the home and table. Michal Ben Yosef developed a special method of preparing her ceramics. The clay Michal Ben Yosef uses is worked like dough, and then folded into creative shapes. In her strive to enhance the look of the hand made objects she makes, Michal Ben Yosef adds metals and other materials to the ceramics. Michal Ben Yosef is highly inspired by the shapes and colors of the country. Living in a rural Moshav Michal Ben Yosef has the tranquility of the land as well as the immediate nearness of the city. Coming from a printer family Michal Ben Yosef added the printing craft to her knowledge, printing on her Judaic items like Challah board, Seder and Matzah plate, and washing cups all of course are made in Israel. The motifs Michal Ben Yosef selects for her unique works are drawn from the plant and animal life in Israel, and her ethereal palette reflects its seasonal cycle. One of Michal specialties is that Michal Ben Yosef allows some of her work to remain partially unglazed, bringing forth the natural beauty of the untouched ceramic and unique body and texture. Michal Ben Yosef treats her Judaica art pieces as jewels, incorporating verses from the Holy Scriptures with a golden touch. The beautiful work of Michal Ben Yosef captures with great sensitivity Israel’s spiritual qualities, beauty, and pure joy. All of Michal Ben Yosef ceramics are high fired, lending endurance and a unique finish to the items. Many of Michel Ben Yosef ceramic products were firstly introduced at the Gans Store in Jerusalem. This is your opportunity to purchase online the beautiful understated hand made Israel ceramics of Michal Ben Yosef. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR MICHAL BEN YOSEF ISRALI CERAMICS.

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