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Malka Tsentsiper

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Malka Tsentsiper's products

Malka Tsentsiper Artist Malka Tsentsiper was born in Vilnius, Lithuania from where she immigrated to Israel. After Malka Tsentsiper studied Mathematics in Teknion in Haifa and Musicology in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Malka worked for many years as computer programmer knowledge she uses today transforming her vivid pictures into digital and affordable art. At the same time Malka Tsentsiper went back to her first love and started her Art studies: first at public courses in the Israeli Museum and at the Center of Arts in Jerusalem followed by studies and practices at private studios of known Israeli artists. All of Malka Tsentsiper art works reflect her good humor and optimism. The colorful miniatures of her works are Giclee prints of her paintings that are printed on canvas and either elaborately framed or stretched on an invisible inner frame. Every one of Malka's miniature is a feast and study of mankind with special lingering on the fun in life painted in vivid colors and sometimes bring humor to the edge of grotesque. Malka Tsentsiper paintings are full of good humor and optimism and dedicated to daily scenes at coffee shops and marketplaces with lots of music and musicians and lifecycle celebrations. All pictures are in vivid colors depicting the subjects in a grotesque and surreal way with lots of love, compassion, and affection. Today the paintings and sculptures of Malka Tsentsiper are sold in Israel and abroad and this is a perfect way for you to take part in the artistic celebration that will be extended when giving one or more miniatures as a gift. Our website invites you to brows and bring the joy of life and the love of beauty that Malka Tsentsiper brings to life in her drawings into your home.

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