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Archie Granot Archie Granot is a Judaic paper cut artist. His paper cut art is unique and decorative bringing a contemporary edge to the traditional art and combining it with biblical texts. Born in London, England in 1946, Archie Granot made Aliyah to Israel in 1967. Prior to settling in Jerusalem in 1978, he was a member of an agricultural community where he milked cows and grew melons. Archie has an M.Phil. in Russian Studies from the University of Glasgow and a B.A. in Political Science and Russian Studies from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Only much later in life Archie Granot decided to change into art and created his first paper-cut in 1979. Archie Granot lives in Jerusalem and works in traditional Jewish art designing paper cut Ketubahs and paper cut blessings. For his Judaic art works Archie Granot uses the scalpel to produce his paper cut works rather than the scissors which are more common with other artists. Archie Granot use of Hebrew inscriptions combined with hand cut in calligraphic letters in his Jewish paper cuts is an integral part of his artistic work. In the vast collection of Archie Granot you will find lovely blessings for the home, beautiful blessings for boys and girls, exquisite Mizrach signs, Jewish proverbs and verses all with his unique and distinct personal touch that show his creativity and insight. Come and browse this section to discover the absolutely amazing paper cut work of Archie Granot one of the leading paper cut judaica in Israel that will make perfect gifts for yourself and your friends on many occasions. Here at the Gans online Judaic art gallery you'll find limited editions prints and Archie Granot paper cuts Ketubot that are much more affordable.

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