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Shulamit Kanter

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Shulamit Kanter's products

Shulamit Kanter Israeli born Shulamit Kanter grew up in Safed that is one of the four mystical cities of Israel. Shulamit Kanter comes from an artistic family and started with art at a young age. Shulamit been creating since she can remember and received a broad-based education in art and design. Shulamit Kanter gets her inspiration from everything around her people on the street, landscapes, even in the supermarket. After creating for herself, friends and family Shulamit was persuaded to start a small studio in a small corner of her living room in 1998 that she named Itzuviem the Hebrew word design in plural. Now Shulamit became a celebrated Israeli designer that creates a lighthearted line of Judaica and Israeli jewelry with her distinct signature in her own workshop in the heart of Israel. In her studio shulamit creates handmade Judaic gifts from Mezuzahs to Menorahs and Passover plates as well as top quality Jewelry for all occasions with special accent on Judaic Jewelry into which she integrates Chamsa, Star of David, and pomegranate elements adding a symbolic and meaningful aspect to her fashionable jewelry. In her designs Shulamit Kanter integrates Jewish symbols, like the Star of David, Chai, Chamsa, and others as well as the fruits and sights of Israel. Itzuviem Judaic and decorative products are made with Shulamit Kanter own and unique composition of materials. The materials she uses are strictly local Israeli in keeping with Itzuvim policy of 100 % made in Israel. In all of her Judaic art composition cast stone serves as the base for inlays of copper or silver colored metal and colored stones. Everything that Shulamit Kanter designs has an understated feminine approach her stunning Jewelry is unique and radiates an Israeli flair. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR SHULAMIT KANTER JEWELRY AND JUDAIC ART

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