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Marci Wiesel Marci Wiesel is one of the leading Judaic paper-cut artists in Israel illustrating biblical texts and Jewish blessings. Marci Wiesel paper cutting art reflects her passion for Jewish ideas and themes in a beautiful way. Marci Wiesel grew up in Skokie USA. Marci received her degree in Architecture from the Barnard College of the Columbia University in New York. Drawn to calligraphy Marci Wiesel started to develop her own style in Judaic paper cutting. In 1999 Marci and family made Aliyah to Israel and live now in Alon Shevut, nestled about the beautiful Judean hill in the South of Jerusalem where she designs her unique Judaic art. The papers cut prints of Marci Wiesel show Judaic scenes and incorporate matching texts to perfection. Marci Wiesel developed a unique style of her own by using different combinations of textured papers combined with bright watercolor backgrounds thus bringing together a fascinating combination of papercut designs, watercolor, calligraphy, and hand-made color backgrounds. Marci Wiesel Judaica Papercuts make a perfect gift for all Judaic lifecycles and lifestyle occasions. Judaic artist Marci Wiesel is well known for her beautiful Jewish art that are designed to serve as baby gifts, bar and bat mitzvahs, the Jewish home, and weddings. The special charm of Marci‘s work will attract everyone and her beautiful art works can be seen in homes in Israel and overseas. The Judaic paper cut art of Marci Wiesel makes a perfect gift for almost any occasion: birthday, wedding, anniversary, Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Many of Marci Wiesel papercuts will make wonderful token of appreciation or acknowledgement of achievement for anyone with Jewish interests or connection with the Jewish community and Israel. The exquisite Judaic artwork by Marci Wiesel celebrates the richness of Jewish tradition and is designed to inspire the viewer to continue looking deeper into its meanings. The works of art you will see on the website are lasercuts created from the original hand cut designs by Marci Wiesel. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR UNIQUE JUDAIC PAPERCUTS BY MARCI WIESEL.

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