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Meira Freifeld's products

Meira Freifeld Israeli born Meira Freifeld grew up in Tel-Aviv. Meira Freifeld studied and graduated the Academia Di-Belle-Arte in Florence from where she went to Austria to learn the Old-Masters techniques. Upon returning to Israel Meira Freifeld started a career of a children‘s book illustrator. In her art work Meira combines her vast knowledge of painting and drawing with love for the paper cut art. Meira became familiar with Jewish texts and became drawn to Jewish themes, calligraphy and paper-cut. The output of this interest includes a line of stunning paper-cut blessings in combination with hand painted silk that you can see here. Meira Freifeld‘s artistic work also includes a rich collection of Ketubot and blessings, prayers, and well known verses from the Jewish tradition, all expertly executed in highly artistic form which is both inspired and inspiring at the same time. In all of her artworks one can see how Meira frifeld is influenced by traditional Judaic art and symbols that she incorporates with her contemporary art. Meira Freifeld developed a unique style of her own by using different combinations of hand painted silk material as a high-lightening background. Some of Meira‘s finest work is also available as high quality printed laser-cuts, based on her paper-cuts collection. Meira Freifeld numbers and signs her limited edition paper cuts that are meticulously cut of acid free paper. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR MEIRA FREIFELD JUDAIC PAPERCUTS.

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