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Danny Goren's products

Danny Goren ceramics Danny Goren is an Israeli ceramic artist. Since he was a young boy, Danny Goren felt in his soul that he was an artist. Her first exposure to working with clay came in high school, where Danny' first exposure to clay was at school where he enjoyed learning from a devout teacher that loved art and teaching. Danny Goren displayed talent as a sculptor, creating works of ceramic and various other materials, and then casting them in bronze. All this was done as a hobby. When Danny Goren was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Danny Goren had to leave his job. But Danny is one who always looks at the bright side of life, and doesn’t dwell on his limitations. Having never felt fulfilled in his other work, Goren turned his hobby into his work and his therapy, encouraged along the way by his wife Sharon. Danny feels that working with clay and colors brings him in touch with the best part of him in a permanent process of creativity that strengthens him. Together with Sharon, taking his inspiration from the mountainous landscapes of his home in the lower Galilee Danny created a line of original tableware, serving pieces, and Judaica items. No lead is used in the process. The ceramic is suitable for the oven and microwave, and is dishwasher proof. Danny Goren is known for his colorful tableware and Judaic artifacts that are exclusively produced in his studio in Israel.

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