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Nava Steinmetz's products

Nava Steinmetz Israeli born craftswoman Nava Steinmetz grew up in Rechovot, a rural city south of Tel Aviv. Since she remembers herself she used to collect stones beads and glass fragments and be creative. After a long phase of producing and selling original jewelry in her shop Nava decided it is time to start a new and more personal way of building small miniature objects that express people way of life. Now a mother of three creates the miniature models at home and can spend time in looking for special features that will mirror one's occupation and hobbies. Nava is assisted by her husband who is willing to accept her working from the family living room. After extensive planning and research stage the miniature models are genuine to the final detail, complete with titled books, related wall-art/posters and even computer screen-savers! Each of Nava Steinmetz's miniature work is constructed with love, care, and attention to detail. Nava Steinmetz considers her work as a miniature artist in the context of creating an object which can be presented to our loved ones and in turn experience their feelings of jubilance & excitement in the receipt of such a personal, unique gift. The creative miniatures by Nava Steinmetz are beautiful personally chosen gifts for many occasions. From a farewell present for a company director, boss or employee, a thank you gift for a doctor that operated and/or treated you, an attorney or accountant that helped you, your contractor and/or architect, a student who graduated and received his degree, a birthday or anniversary present, to a gift for someone who has everything and that you'd like to show that you care.

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