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Nurit Teva Israeli ceramic artist Nurit Teva has a meaningful name: Nurit is buttercup flower, one of the best known flowers of Israel while Teva means nature and is just the right name for her and reflects her love to everything around her. Nurit Teva is a fourth generation in Israel and was born in the first quarter of Tel Aviv. Nurit studied art for four years in WIZO France High School and has been creating authentic art in ceramics for 30 years now Thirty years ago, Nurit started working in the Williams House, a studio located in an old house near the town of Eilat, where she specialized in creating wall decorations made of natural clay from the copper mines of King Solomon. Later, enthralled by the Chamsa, hand for good luck, she saw over the years, Nurit started creating her own authentic ceramic Chamsa art. Nurit works and creates in a peaceful, rural atmosphere in her studio in Moshav Ben-Shemen, which is on the ancient Roman road to Jerusalem. Her artistic work is influenced by oriental motifs which are typical of Mediterranean countries, Morocco and Spain. Nurit developed her own unique style which she herself developed; it combines smooth surfaces with rough ones and natural colors with glaze coating a combination that creates an interesting contrast. Her designs are originally hers, and her work is completely hand-made, fired in a kiln in very high temperatures. Today Nurit expanded the range of her ceramic works and handcrafts ceramic candle holders, Chanukah Menorahs, Home blessings and many more. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR NURIT TEVA CERAMIC CHAMSAS.

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