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Yair Emanuel decorative art SEE Emanuel Judaica IN A SEPARATE SECTION: Yair Emanuel is one of the stunning young Israeli Judaic artists who work from his studio in Talpiot Jerusalem a fact that inspired Yair since childhood and produces decorative art objects. Yair Emanuel, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, does stunning decorative art that is exquisite yet affordable. Yair Emanuel is a multitalented artist that designs decorative items for your home and lifestyle. Yair designs and produces everything from coasters to wall hangings, and from match boxes to scarves. Everything Yair Emanuel touches is transformed into a unique piece that depicts Israeli charm and Judaic tradition. For his decorative art Yair Emanuel uses vivid and harmonious colors in his decorative art work, combining a mixture of the old and the new. The principal techniques utilized by Yair Emanuel for his decorative art items encompass painting on silk, hand embroidery, raw silk appliqué, and painting with a brush on wood using acrylic colors and than lacquer for long durability. Lately Yair Emanuel started to work with metals casting everyday items with Judaic and Israeli interpretation. Yair Emanuel‘s decorative art is affordable and can often be personalized. There are so many decorative items that Yair Emanuel found his unique way and style to beautify. From small items like hand painted wine stoppers and toothpick holders to elaborately embroidered wall hanging. Yair Emanuel designed beautiful bags pillow cases and table runners, jewelry boxes and stationary, all with his special style adding them a decorative value. Yair Emanuel integrates Judaic symbols and Israeli landscapes into his decorative art designs. The seven species each separate or all together are a theme Yair loves to paint. Verses, especially blessings are another motif that Yair Emanuel loves and uses in his beautiful tapestries. Yair Emanuel feels he was lucky and is responsible to give back to the community. Thus he employs and integrates recent immigrants as well as mentally challenged men and women. Yair Emanuel contributes a portion of his studio in Jerusalem to charitable causes. When purchasing an object of Yair Emanuel you get more than just a decorative art item but also a piece of Jeddishkeit and spirit of Israel.

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