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Iris Design's products

Iris Design Iris Design, a studio designing jewelry and Judaica was founded and is owned by Israeli born, Iris Braunstein Shemesh. Iris lives in Moshav Aseret where she creates her colorful collection that reflects the Israeli lifestyle and rhythm Iris Braunstein Shemesh started her career as a textile designer and moved gradually to designing beautiful contemporary jewelry and Judaica. Living in a multicultural country has influences Iris Braunstein Shemesh design work and reflects what she experienced and is what led her to a continuous search for new inspirations. The designs of Iris Braunstein Shemesh jewelry and judaica are unique and loveable and will make wonderful gifts for many occasions. The Jewelry collection of Iris design includes colorful bangles, bracelets, unique necklaces and pendants, as well as earrings. The ethnic collection is built around Jewish symbols as Chamsa, pomegranate, and Star of David. The Judaica collection of Iris design Israel is based on Mezuzah cases including special Mezuzah cases for children and infants. Iris integrates textures and shapes from floral and animal prints to angels, stripes and abstract into her very Israeli looking collection. The unique design by Iris incorporates classical romantic designs and ethnic heritage with modern fashion ensuring that every piece of Iris design be loveable and fashionably attractive. Most of Iris bangles are hand made and of Resin that’s why those beautiful pieces are lightweight. Iris finishes her original products by a process of her own with enamel Set with Schez crystal stones. The production process follows suite with meticulous handwork and high quality control that meets the highest standards. You will surly find what you like and crave in the great collection of Iris design.

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