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Sharon Binder Israeli artist Sharon Binder was born in New York, where she was graduated from Queens College with a B.A. in art. Sharon Binder is an artist and designer specializing in the use of calligraphy and themes of the land of Israel. Living in Jerusalem Sharon Binder is a contemporary artist that feels drawn to themes derived from the Bible and Jewish tradition while the air and spirit of Jerusalem is entwined in her work. Sharon binder's illustrations include many traditional themes from various fields in Judaism; the land of milk and honey, Noah arc, the scales of Justice, prayer for the bride, and many more. All of Sharon Binder's are colorful and full of optimism like the optimistic woman she is. Sharon’s interest in Hebrew texts led to her mastery in the use of calligraphy, which she studied during her stay in Canada Sharon binder uses a very unique combination of contemporary graphics with Judaic motifs that is applied to the creation of major works for the home, institutions and synagogues. Sharon Binder is a multi talented woman and uses her expertise in such diverse media as painting, pen-and-ink, typography and fabric appliqué that she integrates in a wide range of projects. Today contemporary artist Sharon Binder has designed an exquisite collection of many Judaic art works that you can purchase online at the Gans website. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR SHARON BINDER EXQUISITLLY ILLUSTRATED JUDAIC ART.

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