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Rebecca Shore Rebecca Shore is situated in Jerusalem for many years now and does what she mostly likes to do: raising her children and painting. Rebecca Shore is a well-known Israeli artist that loves to paint unique Jewish art from Israel and Shore has illustrated many Judaic blessings and words of wisdom for children, including the Shema, songs of Solomon, and many more. In her art work Rebecca Shore brings together the Jewish artistic heritage and contemporary art concepts making each art-print a decorative piece that will be enjoyed whenever looked at. The creations for children and adults by Rebecca Shore are filled with whimsical wisdom and brightly colored imagery and can be found in many houses around the world. More than once you find yourself amazed as fate, or the guardian hand of G-d, takes you to places and situations in life you were not expecting. This is exactly what brought Rebecca Shore from the USA to the old city of Jerusalem, not far from the western wall and the City of David. Rebecca Shore grew up in New York and made Aliyah to Israel in 1984. Today Rebecca Shore lives with her husband and children in the Old City of Jerusalem waking every morning with the sites of this eternal city. It was here in Jerusalem that Rebecca Shore fused 3,500 years of Jewish tradition with the youthful brightly colored imagery that has become her well-loved style. Rebecca Shore specializes in Jewish children artwork, which combines her passion for Judaism with her flair for colorful, enchanting visual design. In her Judaic art work Rebecca brings together beautiful paintings and words of wisdom or biblical verses. Lately Rebecca Shore started a new concept when she creates special print pieces that that she prints in high quality Giclee Method. Rebecca‘s Shore art prints are a great source for unique and colorful Jewish art from Israel. Jerusalem and Jewish wisdom are the main sources of the inspiration of Rebecca Shore. The extensive line of Judaica art prints springs from a deep connection to Biblical ideas and phrases from the Torah, the Prophets and the Psalms. Whether it is a signed poster for children or a hand-touched Giclee, Rebecca Shore strives to visually express the emotion and deeper meaning of the verses featured in each piece. The Judaic art work Rebecca Shore print makes a perfect and meaningful gift for a baby naming, Bris, Bar and Bat mitzvah, engagement, wedding or anniversary. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR REBECCA SHORE ART FROM THE HEART OF JERUSALEM.

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