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Eli Yashar's products

Eli Yashar Israeli born Eli Yashar studied interior design where he was confronted with stained glass projects in interior design. Eli feels he is very lucky as he feels that not many artists can make their hobby their business. Since then Eli Yashar fell in love with this kind of material and started to shape small and large objects in glass. After living most of his life in the area of Tel Aviv, Eli Yashar lives now in a Kibbutz in the southern part of Israel where he can combine his love for nature and art opening up his own studio of stained glass design. In his stained glass studio Eli Yashar designs Judaic ritual products like Mezuzahs, Chanukah Menorahs, Dreidels, and lovely containers for the wedding glass shards. One of Eli Yashar products is a unique stained glass door-bell cover in many shapes and colors that matches the stained glass Mezuzah cases and will add a special charm to any home. The work of Eli Yashar is signified by bright colors and geometrical shapes that brings forward the Israeli light, sun, and colors. Eli Yashar is involved in interior decoration projects when he produces dividers and lampshades in his own special style.

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