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Luzzati Ugo Luzzati was born and raised in Italy, from which he made Aliah and started working as a calligrapher. Ugo's Italian, Mediterranean, heritage combined with Israeli style and Chutzpah, made him decide to start a small business. 1989 in Jerusalem Ugo Luzzati started painting on ceramics. Soon people started asking him to write and decorate name plates. Ugo started making them as side-line. It did not take long for him to become known for his expertise writing and this became his main line, a line he called Small Signs. With time orders for door signs started coming in and Luzzati's business flourished. After living in Jerusalem several years, Ugo Luzzati moved to the Galilee where he lives with his wife and children. When moving Ugo Luzzati found out that many of his former customers looking for door signs and door plates were still looking for him in Jerusalem and requested us at Gans to represent him in Jerusalem. PLEASE USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS ON THE TOP OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR LUZZATI DOOR SIGNS.

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