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Friekmanndar You surly wonder where the word FRIEKMANNDAR comes from and what it means. Well as so many things in life it is easy to understand when learning the names of the two Israeli artists that started the FRIEKMANNDAR -MADE BY HAND, studio. Shiri Friedmann & Maya Kidar come from different artistic background and found out that when working hand in hand they create something special and unseen up to that time. Maya graduated from the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem in ceramics while Shiri has her degree in art from the University of Tel-Aviv. The FRIEKMANNDAR art studio specializes in creating everyday art objects using glass fragments and broken fine porcelain influenced by Israeli and Judaic symbols and art. At FRIEKMANNDAR Shiri and Maya take pleasure in taking classic material & Technique out of its initial context creating new designs and forms. FRIEKMANNDAR use of recycled Material makes the pieces ecological friendly. The use of stained glass techniques enables Maya and Shiri to create their own artistic language. Using different kinds of glass fragments and with great skills they both strive to bring you new designs and color combinations to decorate your home with.

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