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Ellen Miller Braun

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Ellen Miller Braun When looking at the stunning Judaic art works of Ellen Miller Braun you feel touched as they are filled with charm, innocence and joy. Israeli Judaic artist Ellen Miller Braun was born and educated in Chicago. Now Ellen lives in Israel. Ellen Miller Braun works with painstaking patience. Her beautiful micro-calligraphy pieces are unique in their development. Ellen's orthodox Jewish background has guided her in the development of the Biblical themes of her artwork. Ellen Miller Braun captures the essence of Jewish Life with her exquisite micro calligraphy. Ellen brings to life verses from Scriptures by shaping them into pictures that truly reflect their words and meaning. Take a tour of this exciting artist section featuring Ellen‘s magnificent creations Ellen Miller Braun uses biblical & contemporary Hebrew texts and writs them in tiny Micro calligraphy, also known as micrograph, giving the letters a life of their own and creating illustrated pictures using the letters as her mind and hand guides her. Each of her beautiful micro-calligraphy pieces is unique in its development. Follow over 5,000 years of Jewish History through Ellen’s masterful works of art. A world renowned artist, Ellen Miller Braun has had her work displayed all over the world. From China, to Europe, to America and Ellen Miller Braun captures the essence of Jewish Life with her exquisite micro calligraphy. Each calligraphic creation shown here is a beautiful display of vibrant color and spirituality. Ellen Miller Braun first sketches the desired design. This drawing is then etched onto paper that will become the ''original''. Dipping her pen into watercolor paints, Ellen follows the flowing lines of her etched design, inscribing portions from the Torah, Prophets and Writings. Ellen Miller Braun thus fills each piece of artwork with dramatic color and life. The tiny colorful writing of each piece flows together developing and creating each exquisite picture. The writing is the picture, and the picture is the writing. From China, to Europe, to America and everywhere in between, the micro calligraphic art of Ellen Miller Braun brings inspiration to ma

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