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Galilee Silks's products

Galilee Silks Enjoy the hand painted silk products from Galilee Silks. Silk is a natural fiber that is a highly delicate material, thin, and lightweight and as such silk production and dyeing requires a lot of knowledge, good care, and attention to detail. Silk was discovered in China and was reserved exclusively for the use of the rulers. Silk was brought by caravans to Europe yet for centuries the West knew very little about the silk manufacturing. Silk wear radiated elegance and has a special radiance and glamour. Galilee Silks was founded by Shlomit Azati in Kibbutz Beit-Haemek in the northern part of Israel. Using the skill of the women of the Kibbutz, Galilee Silks specialize in the hand-dying of raw white silk, producing a distinctive range of hand painted silk fashion items, scarves and necklaces-as well as T-shirts and exquisite Talits for men and women with silk appliqués. Each piece by Galilee Silks is hand finished and is accompanied by information about the material and artists of Galilee Silks. The designs of Galilee Silks product range from dainty colors to bold and colorful designs. The artist start with luxurious pure white silk that is hand dyed and hand painted. The material is stretched on frames and treated with special silk dyes and conditioners to reach the exact shades and patterns the artist request. As silk is a natural product no two pieces will ever be the same. Sometimes the finished material be lighter or darker than planed, colors will mix into each other so surprises make the artist become even more creative when cutting and sewing to make new patterns and designs all the time. Galilee silks artist are real magicians when it comes to silk. Please brows the products online to see the outcome. The silk is than combined with other materials as organza and cotton and sewn meticulously to create beautiful T-shirts, tablecloths, and Judaic products like Challah and Matzah covers, Tallits and Tallit bags. PLEASE USE THE LINK ON THE TOP SIDE OF THIS PAGE TO LOOK FOR GALILEE SILKS HAND PAINTED TALLITS AND OTHER BEAUTIFUL HAND PAINTED SILK PRODUCTS.

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