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Avner Agayof's products

Avner Agayof Avner Agayof is an outstanding Israeli Judaic artist that we feel previlaged to represent. Avner, the artist and Aviah, the salesman, Agayof make a great team of father-and-son having their design studio and workshop in Jerusalem. While Avner who is a learned gsilversmith designs contemporary Judaic ritual objects that are based on geometric forms, Aviah is in charge of the commercial part. Israeli artist Avner Agayof has a long years established reputation for the use and coordination of metals and machinery to create the special contemporary look of traditional Judaica. The magnificent look for Agayof is a very inspiring ultra modern designed one. The sleek and sophisticated look is based and emphasized by basic geometric forms: Triangle, circle, and square parts integrate and make new and lovely forms and Judaic everyday pieces. The subdued use of color in the metallic production and by integrating Hebrew writing Avner upgrades the Agayof Judaica pieces and turns them into collector's items. Each piece is available in many color combinations. When looking at Judaic ritual objects by Avner and Aviah Agayof you will be nicely surprised that the ritual objects with ancient forms of Judaic design and modernistic geometrical are available at affordable prices. Please feel free to contact us for colors you'd like and have not seen on line.

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