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Dorit Klein Judaica

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Dorit Klein Judaica's products

Dorit Klein SEE DORIT DECORATIVE ITEMS IN A SEPARATE SECTION: Israeli Judaica artist Dorit Klein offers you a unique selection of Judaic gifts for any occasion and has many lovely Judaic items that can be personalized for party favors and presentation gifts. As Dorit is a versatile artist the quantity of items she designed is immense we decided to separate the decorative items, mostly with a Judaic inscription and meaning from the Judaic ritual. THE JUDAIC SECTION HOSTS candle holders and lighter, Challah boards, covers and knifes, Mezuzah cases, Rosh Hashanah dishes, Chanukah Menorahs, Dreidles, and Seder and Matzah Plates, Mizrach signs etc. PLEASE BE SURE TO LOOK AT BOTH SECTIONS TO FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. Dorit Judaica, or Dorit Judaic art, is a source of Judaic creations that will be great additions to any Jewish home and make great gifts for almost any life-cycle occasion. Dorit Klein is a seventh generation Israeli, descended from a prominent Jerusalem family rooted in the Old Yishuv and currently living in Petach Tikva with her husband and four children. From infancy, Dorit absorbed and was influenced by the special atmosphere in a home that was filled with a combination of ancient and modern Jewish tradition. The sights, smells, and colors of her youth all proved to be a great influence on the inborn artistic talents of Dorit and became an inseparable part of her family life. Dorit Klein inherited a love of the land of Israel and its heritage and landscapes from her father who fought in the Palmach and from her maternal grandfather, Rabbi Joseph Chaim Zonnenfeld. Dorit was greatly influenced by the family stories, ancient manuscripts, and the very special Sukkah decorations that surrounded her in her youth all of which she interprets and puts into her spectacular Judaic art productions. After working as a graphic artist for many years Dorit Klein used her knowledge to start a new Judaic business of her own that she named, how appropriate, Dorit Judaica. Her closeness to the world of religious Judaism, and her identification with Jewish texts through prayers and blessings, formed an opening for a new world of creativity in Judaic art. Using computerized graphics and Jewish texts like psalms and blessings along with traditional designs for paper and modern technologies like laser cutting. For completing her work of art Dorit Klein employs workers with special needs through Supported Employment done with a lot of love and warmth, allowing these people to be part of the workforce. In recent time Dorit Klein specializes in the laser cutting of metals and integrating the intricate work with her more traditional art. The Judaic art of Dorit Klein encompasses almost all Judaic ritual items from Challah covers to Havdalah placemats and holiday gifts for Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, Passover, and many more. Dorit Klein is grateful to the creator for granting her a heavenly gift, for the ability to create, express and share with others, for the privilege to be involved in our plentiful Jewish world and to engage in a career she cherishes so much.

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