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Danon's products

danon israeli gifts Israeli Jewelry and judaica manufactures the Danon family love everything connected to designing and producing metal and succeeded in inheriting this gift to the next generation. The Danon family, who came to Israel in 1968 from Egypt, founded the Danon Company in 1976. Since then they have earned a fine reputation for creating beautiful Judaica, Jewelry and gift items which have a lasting luster. The Danon Family is involved in every stage of the production from design to casting and finish. Most of the Danon items are plated in matte silver using ancient methods and state of the art technology. Since starting their jewelry and Judaica studio members of the Danon family design, cast, and package and market their exquisitely finished necklaces, bracelets, earrings, Judaic influenced key chains, Dreidels, and wall art, and are very proud in doing so. Many of their items, like the bookmarks, can be personalized for special moments and events and can be turned into perfect party favors or appreciation gifts. Have fun discovering all the beautiful jewelry and decorative wall decoration items by Danon in Israel. Find exquisite Israeli necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that are so stylish and will make great gifts. Find beautiful wall Chamsa bookmarks and spoons all beautifully designed and finished.

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