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Amnon Caspi's products

Amnon Caspi Israeli born artist Amnon Caspi was stricken with polio in childhood and confronted with walking disability at a young age. Since then he dealt with his disability in his everyday live by painting and drawing the world through his window and used his art to communicate with the world. Amnon's love to nature can be seen in his art where he integrates flowers and animals into the detailed sculpture-like artwork in which the figures project from the supporting background creating beautiful relief objects. Transforming disability into ability Ammnon, now a married man with grown children established himself and his studio as a leading Judaica artist. His Judaica and gift objects are sold and used all over the world and included in many Judaic-art his art studio Amnon Caspi employs new immigrants as well as disabled people who were unable to find other occupations. Ammnon Caspi uses the process of Electroforming* with stunning success to produce a vast collection Silver Judaica and gift objects that will make the owner proud and everyone looking at them happy. The select products presented on the website show the creativity, artistry and quality of the judaica and gift items by Israeli artist Ammnon Caspi and his house artist * Electroforming is a process based on electroplating. The object is not simply coated with silver, but actually created from thick layers of solid sterling silver that creates a beautiful, relatively light-weight object of art.

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