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Jerusalem Embroideries- Yehudit Klinger

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Jerusalem Embroideries- Yehudit Klinger's products

Yehudit Klinger grew up in England, where she absorbed the damp, dark greens, browns and autumnal purples, and has been living in Israel where she discovered turquoise, sizzling oranges and sky blues for ''quite a while''. She's had a needle in her hand, on and off, since she was about 8 years old. Her fascination with colors led her to patchwork baby blankets, matching kitchen accessories, tableware, tote-bags and above all – embroidery. Starting with a piece of material and some carefully chosen threads, beautiful original pieces of Judaica textile art gradually emerge. Undeterred by small time-bites, the design gets finished in 5- minutes-here, 8-minutes-there. The great triumph is bringing something to the finishing line, despite all the other things going on in your life. Sometimes that's a major satisfaction in a time of turmoil- well; at least I completed the challah cover for next Rosh Hashanah… Having taught embroidery for years to different age groups, in a variety of settings, Yehudit culled her experience of what works successfully with a needle and threads, and started designing embroidery kits to enhance the Jewish home. ''I wanted to help other people enjoy what I love doing. Many people would like to have a go at doing things themselves, and are only held back because THEY THINK they can't. With an embroidery kit that comes complete with instructions, stitch diagrams, threads and a needle, you can allow yourself the chance. Yehudit Klinger prepared a good range of designs from wall-hangings to challah covers, for Shabbat and festivals, and a collection of kits-for-kids. Things don't have to turn out perfectly. Embroidery's a forgiving art that allows for the occasional unpicking. It adapts itself to your location and time-frame. You don't need expensive, bulky equipment, or a long training. You're essentially returning to and reviving a folk-art that women in previous generations knew to utilize in order to produce today's cherished heirlooms.'' Yehudit feels that the main thing is a desire to beautify a little patch of your world and the attraction of hand-crafted in an age of computerized, standardized sameness is compelling. Even the same design comes out differently when two different people do it. And it's just as much about becoming as being. The process is as important as the finished product. Whilst you're threading the needle in and out of the material, the embroidery becomes invested with your thoughts and wishes. A hand-made gift is rich with connecting threads that bind the giver and the receiver, back and forth, in and out. If you become suddenly possessive and keep it for yourself, you'll get endless enjoyment from contemplating the work of your own hands and fantasizing about grandchildren and further on down the line who'll point at it and say: yes bubby made that! But don't think that you have to be a fully-fledged, extremely-grown-up person in order to do it. It's individual, it's colorful, it's a therapeutic stress-reliever and it fits just neatly into the slimmest briefcase. If you would like more information, or help with a kit that you've started, please let us know and we will forward your request to her.

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