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Elisheva Galperin

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Elisheva Galperin Elisheva Galperin Russian burn Elisheva Galperin made Aliya 1997. After attending the Bezalel school of Arts and graduating visual communication studies Elisheva worked for several years as a graphic designer and illustrated books for the Jewish Agency and others. While doing research several years ago she was exposed to a large collection of Ketubas, Jewish marriage contracts, and was entranced by the cultural and visual richness of this media. Elisheva felt drawn to the Judaic world of art and felt she wanted to contribute to its cultural beauty. Through her art work Elisheva Galperin found a way of brings together the Judaic traditional styles of east and west in an effort to create a new Israeli art that expresses the melting pot of the Jewish State thus bringing forth the Jewish artistic heritage while feeling that as a Frum artist and illustrator she has a deep understanding of what she is seeing and feeling when doing he Judaica art work than secular would. Among other sources like the views and colors of Israel, her inspiration comes from Biblical texts and many of the characters in her art are based on biblical figures. In her magnificent work of art she uses Judaic symbols like the Shofar, grapes, lion, and others and integrates them into Ketubah texts and illustrated inspirational blessings. Please be advised that you will find some of her Giclee prints pictured twice as you can purchase them printed either on paper or on parchment.

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