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Chagit Shechter

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Chagit Shechter's products

Chagit Shechter Israeli born Chagit Shechter, a fashion designer who decided to add happiness and color to Judaica articles and gifts is a creative and versatile artist. Chagit is married to Lior, an Industrial Designer who does all the graphic designs. Chagit works with the different textiles and Lior helps her with the wooden items. The artists live in Gush- Etzion, where they get their inspiration from the fresh air and amazing view they have from their home. It is important to both Chagit & Lior to add to each item they create color and happiness, while maintaining the right respect for the different Judaica items. You can find Plata & Challah covers with colorful fabrics, very happy head scarfs, trivets, Chamsas, house blessings, etc. with rich graphic designs. Following their wish to beautify the Jewish commandments, Hiddur Mitzvah most of their objects are made by hand and have a functional and decorative use while reflecting on Judaic roots and traditions The young couple named their studio Chaguta, a mixture that integrates Chagits name with the word Chagiga, feast, to express their hope that every piece the produce will bring a small celebration into your home

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