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Koresh Jerusalem Artist Koresh Boteach is named after the Persian King Cyrus the Great who issued in 536 BCE the declaration allowing the exiles to return to Jerusalem. The Boteach family being traditional Jews with a clear Zionist Ideology made Aliyah when Koresh was a young boy and settled in Jerusalem where Koresh lives and creates. After studying agriculture he decided to make his hobby to his profession and started his artistic studio. Living in Jerusalem he become attracted to the sites in his surroundings and become enamored with the vast diversity of the stones and rocks that Jerusalem is known for. The buildings, especially the historic ones made him find ways to integrate the Jerusalem Stones into his works of Judaic art. Koresh developed his own distinctive style that is influenced by his Iranian heritage, Life in Jerusalem and modern life. The unique Judaic art works of Koresh Boteach integrates harmoniously the beauty of the natural Jerusalem Stone quarried in the Judean Hills with hand crafted glass copper and pewter. The contemporary by Koresh design by Koresh shows a mixture of traditional Jewish art and modern life and is decorated with Jewish symbols. Koresh loves working with Jerusalem stone where every piece of stone is different and each one receives his personal attention to ensure fine workmanship and beauty.

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