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Izzy Pludwinski

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Izzy Pludwinski Ketubah artist Izzy Pludwinski was born in Benson Hurst, Brooklyn and made Aliyah to Israel in 1978 and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and two beautiful daughters. After discovering pretty soon that Chemistry was not going to be the field that he was going to Izzy decided to switch professions and take up the art of the Sofer, the religious scribe where he was drawn to the beauty of calligraphy. From this time on Izzy Pludwinski has been involved in the field of making of exquisite letterings while adding his interpretation and signature. Since 1980Izzy Pludwinski has been working as a professional calligrapher, starting out as a certified Sofer STaM, religious scribe, and branching out into calligraphy and design. After professionally freelancing for six years, Izzy Pludwinski expanded his studies by first studying privately and by attending Roe Hampton Institute for two years completing his certificate in Calligraphy & Bookbinding. Izzy Pludwinski has exhibited throughout Israel and has given two one-man shows in London. The work of Izzy Pludwinski appeared in Letter Arts Review, The Scribe, (author of article: ''The Experience of the Hebrew Scribe, and The Encyclopedia Judaica among other publications. Izzy Pludwinski did the calligraphy of The Jerusalem Hagaddah and the Moriah Hagaddah. In 2004, Izzy Pludwinski had the honor of being invited to Wales to work on the Hebrew for the St. John's Bible, under Donald Jackson. As an accomplished calligraphy artist Izzy Pludwinski has taught Hebrew Calligraphy in Jerusalem and set up the Hebrew Calligraphy course at the Spiro Institute in London. In addition Izzy has lectured at the Emunah College symposium on the Hebrew Letter and has given Hebrew Calligraphy workshops at the Israel Museum. The varied commissions of Izzy Pludwinski have included work for the President's Office, inscription of the dedication page on the Bible presented to the Pope by the Israeli government on the occasion of his visit to Jerusalem, lettering for the Yakar Synagogue in Jerusalem, and wine labels for the Golan winery. In addition to his own work, Izzy works with many of the top Judaica artists doing the calligraphy for their illuminations and illustrations. Today his personal work centers on the pure calligraphic presentation of Jewish texts. He sees as his main calligraphic challenge in the giving the Hebrew script more expression The design of the Ketubah is based on the beauty of the letters with the possibility of adding gold leaf finish to enhance the visual impact. Designing his unique Ketubot Izzy Pludwinski places the letters as a decorative element of the Ketubah. The design of the Ketubah is based on the beauty of the letters with the possibility of adding gold leaf finish to enhance the visual impact. Izzy Pludwinski is presently involved in a major project writing an entire Chumash, Pentateuch, which is being illustrated by artist and project initiator Avner Moriah. In addition he is working on a book on Hebrew Calligraphy.

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