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Iris Zonenfeld's products

Iris Zonenfeld Iris Zonenfeld shows that in the life of an artist you often start with a profession that is as far from art as only can be until you are lead to the artistic goal. Iris Zonenfeld graduated mathematics and geology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem when she found out that she prefers to express herself in a different way. This was when she discovered that using her hands for creating is what she craved for all her life. After learning in Jerusalem and Tel-Chai she started her own business in the Golan Heights and feels exited every time she opens up the oven to bring forth the items she created. In her Studio in Gamla Iris Zonenfeld‘s work is a combination of classical shapes and contemporary design that gets its inspiration from the land around her. Ceramic works designed by the Iris sonnenfeld are nurtured by the nature, and are inspired by ancient Canaanite objects excavated all over Israel thus combining the primitive with the virtuosic and the traditional with the contemporary. Elchanan Zonenfeld, her spouse, encouraged and supports her and helps in the non creating sides of her business. In her airy Studio Iris Zonenfeld always experiments with innovative ideas and researches new and different ways of creating new functional works for the home and table as well as Jewish ritual objects.

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