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Ardyn Halter Israeli artist Ardyn Halter is one of the leading artists of contemporary Judaica with a multitude of art works that covers everything from Baby blessing to beautifully illustrated Ketubot. Ardyn Halter was born in England and was fascinated with the art of drawing since childhood. Arden's first exhibition of paintings was at the amazing age of nine at Haringey Gallery in London. At a young age Ardyn halter made Aliyah to Israel and lives now with his family in a small rural area south of Haifa. The Ardyn Halter Judaic art Collection is unmistakable in style: strength of design coupled to joyous, life-affirming color; pager cuts with delicate filigree. The multitalented artist loves to diversify and besides painting and paper cutting Ardyn Halter is involved in projects that combine architecture and art from the: Shoa Memorial in Ma’agan Michael, Israel 1991 to: Your Fellow Man Bronze Sculpture exhibited in Yad LaShirion in Latrun, Israel. Ardyn Halter has created a unique line of Judaic art dedicated to the concept of continuity within Jewish iconographic tradition. The line of Ardyn Halter contains designed and illustrated, hand-painted or individually commissioned Ketubot for weddings and a line of that celebrates Jewish life cycle events. Steeped in Jewish tradition, these works of art by Ardyn Halter affirm Jewish ethics and values. In his art work shown in our website Ardyn Halter relays on the rich fund of influences, cultural and ethnographic elements that have contributed to the aesthetic in Jewish life over the centuries, and, at the same time, looking ahead, fusing the past in new contemporary designs of the present. All of Ardyn Halter‘s art pieces bring forth life-enhancing values of joy or pleasure in the continuity of Jewish Life and values. Ardyn Halter‘s takes pleasure in seeing his Judaica work found in museums and galleries, public and private collections throughout the world and hopes you too will decide on enriching your home with one or more of his art pieces.

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