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Yair Emanuel Judaica SEE Emanuel Decorative Art IN A SEPARATE SECTION: Israeli artist Yair Emanuel is known all over the world for his splendid almost irresistible Judaic creations. Yair Emanuel superb Judaic products will make a great gift for any Jewish home. Yair Emanuel grew up in Jerusalem within an observant atmosphere. Since childhood Yair Emanuel was drawn to the beauty of Judaic objects. To fulfill his love to the Jewish world of art Yair studied and graduated the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Yair Emanuel designed a vast collection of contemporary Judaic ritual objects that will add a lot of color to the Jewish home. Today Yair Emanuel lives in Jerusalem and is inspired by the multicultural art he can see wherever he goes. For his Judaic art work Yair Emanuel uses vivid and harmonious colors, combining a mixture of the old and the new. Yair Emanuel integrates ancient Judaic symbols into his Judaic art objects giving them a contemporary look. The principal techniques Yair uses for his Judaic art work encompass painting on silk, hand embroidery, raw silk appliqué, and painting on wood. With every object artist Yair Emanuel will bring a piece of Israel and of quality Judaic art into your home. Yair Emanuel superb Judaic products will make a great gift for any Jewish home. The Judaica collection of Yair Emanuel is full with attractive Judaic gifts for the Jewish home, Jewish holidays, and Jewish ritual objects. The vast Judaic art list includes Shabbat wine cups, Challah covers, Challah knives and boards, Rosh Hashanah gifts, Passover and other Jewish holiday artifacts, exquisite Tallits, and stunning works of art. True to his observant roots Yair Emanuel feels he was lucky and is responsible for the welfare of the community. In his strive to give back to the community Yair employs and integrates recent immigrants as well as mentally challenged men and women. Yair Emanuel contributes a portion of his studio in Jerusalem to charitable causes. There are so many Judaic ritual items that Yair Emanuel designed: beautiful painted and embroidered Challah covers, exquisite Challah boards, decorative Kiddush cups, hand painted Seder plates and matching Matzah covers, classical and contemporary Tallits, and many more. All of them with the unique style of his that is influenced by the sights and feel of Israel. And last but not least, of course all Yair Emanuel's designs bear the signature of his. Yair Emanuel's collection at the Gans store and online is your source for judaica gifts, for Jewish gifts for your lifecycle events; From Brith and Simchat Bat gifts for the new born Jewish baby to Bar Mitzvah gift, Bat Mitzvah gift, Engagement and wedding gifts. And do not forget to add the delightful Judaic creations of Yair Emanuel to the gift registry you are going to open at us.

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